This semi autobiographical story is about a man Kevin who sets out to find his father whom he
 hasn’t seen since he was 6 yrs old. All he knows is from what his mother has told him, he’s from the Bahamas and went to college in Minnesota. As he looks for his father he also examines his own life as a divorced father with a mountain of debt, but yet trying to be a better man.

While searching for his father he has flashbacks of his life growing up in the projects of Minnesota and how certain things in life may have been different provided he had a father growing up. Then one day, while doing his usual search he finds his father in the strangest of ways. But not only does he find his Father. He finds that he is the oldest of five brothers. Five brothers that all went to Ivy league colleges and are living very successful lives, one of which is entering into the NFL Draft. Then to add fuel to the fire, his father was once the vice president of a very large bank.

Kevin goes through a range of emotions from anger to happiness to sadness, as he thinks about how he grew up in the ghetto, struggling with his mother in cold Minnesota, while his father and his family lived the American dream. 
Yet still, in talking with his family and friends he reaches out to his father.

His father is excited and eager to rebuild his relationship. He talks Kevin into coming out to the Bahamas to meet all the family as his youngest son is graduating. Reluctantly Kevin and some friends take the trip to the Bahamas as his new found family awaits for him. Some with open arms, some with closed fists.

The first meeting with his father, was alone and as he is getting reacquainted with his father, he finds out that some of his brothers are not happy that he is here. His two Aunts on the other hand have waited for this moment for a long time and couldn’t have been anymore happier that Kevin is now part of there life.

Kevin begins a journey of reflection, self discovery, connection and loss as he learns about his new family and the culture and life that he was not afforded. As he travels through his native land, he befriends a young Bahamian woman who shows him the real Bahamas and not resort, a very prideful people. He falls in love with his new family and the island.

During his visit, some of the brothers refuse to acknowledge him, which causes a riff in the family. And although his father is present, still there is an obvious underline tension between he and Kevin as the question of WHY still hasn’t been talked about.
The story comes to head as words are exchanged as feelings and emotions trump logic and rational. Does his father give him the answers he’s been needing to hear, can he accept what he hears?

Bahamian Son. A serious, but often funny look at a mans story of connection, lost, family and love as he sets out to find the answer that have avoided him for so many years.